[APG Public List] Question on London, England, census, birth place discrepancies. Ignore previous.

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Good day,

You would seem to have a possible mixture of at least two, not un-common,

1) The census enumerator writes down what they hear - and so write what they
believe to be the correct spelling of the name.

2) The way a family spells their name changes over time.

I would suggest that (1) is the more likely of these.  Therefore, to answer
your question - Yes - it is possible that this is the same person.  To
increase the probability, you will need the birth certificate to check on
the father's name.

If you want a fuller explanation as to how the various events link - e.g.
the geographies - please ask.

[Christopher C W Gray - GOONS, SoG]
[Berkshire, England]
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discrepancies. Ignore previous.

I neglected to put place of birth ofr the 1851 census and have corrected 
and am resending. Please ignore previous post of same name.

Might someone be able to tell me if the data here makes sense as 
possibly the same man. I am working with areas I am unfamiliar with and 
don't know if it makes sense or not.
I'd like to confirm that it makes sense that the William Loe of the 
1871, 81 91 and 1901 censuses (shoemaker) could be the William LOW of 
1841 and 1851 (son of a shoemaker) , and the William LOE born 1940 from 
Free BMD (first entry in list below)

William LOE born 1840, Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar ; District: 
Lambeth County: Greater London, London, Surrey (from Ancestry.com's Free 
BMD "England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915" database)

1841census. Civil parish: Lambeth Hundred: Brixton (Eastern Division) 
County/Island: Surrey; Registration district: Lambeth Sub-registration 
district: Kennington Second.
William LOW, 1 year old , in home of James LOW (shoe maker) .

1851 census. Civil parish: Shoreditch-Ecclesiastical parish: St 
John-County/Island: Middlesex; Registration district: 
Shoreditch-Sub-registration district: Hoxton Old Town-ED, institution, 
or vessel: 8
William LOW, 11, born Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, son in home of 
James LOW (shoe maker)

1871 census. London, Bethnal Green.
household of William LOE, 31, born Surrey, England, shoe maker.

1881 census. Surrey, England. Civil Parish: Croyden, Town or village: 
Croydon; Urban Sanitary District: Croydon
household of William Loe, 41, born Stockwell, Surrey, England, shoemaker

1891 census. Northamptonshire-Civil Parish: St Sepulchres;
William LOE, Head, male 51, Shoemaker, born Stockwell, Surrey

1901 census. Northamptonshire , St Sepulchre (Civil) Parish.
William Loe, male 61, Shoemaker, Stitchman, Hand sewn, Worker 
("Employer, Worker or Own account"), Working at home, Born: Stockwell.

For those familiar with the regions ...does this look the same man? 
There are obvious discrepancies. Can they be accounted for?

Thanks for any insight or guidance

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