[APG Public List] Two Death Dates

robert mclaren bobmclaren at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 4 14:31:56 MST 2010

I want to thanks all those who replied.  You gave a number of good
suggestions.  Unfortunately, I have tried many of these.  Yes, the
Italiangen.org has the death indexed as 1 Jan 1916.  However, the question
remains -- did they look at the burial date and resolve the issue?

The NY Times at ancestry.com doesn't give any obits that can be him;
however, they have a very imcompletet collection  The Alexander Law who has
the hobo advocate and who was the husband of Georgie Emma Law were not the
Alexander I'm seeking.  He kept a very low profile.  He was a longshoreman.
He doesn't appear in any Brooklyn directories at footnote.com.  I have not
found him in any Brooklyn directory or Federal Census record.  He kept
under the radar.

What I haven't done yet are the following:  Checking the tombstone at the
Holy Cross Cemetery (Catholic).  I don't live in New York any more. 
Working with Catholic cemeteries in New York City can be expensive to get
any information, plus if there is overdue maintenance, you will get a bill.
When I found my grandfather's place of burial (along with my
greatgrandfather and other family members), they sent a bill for over
$1,000 plus asked for about another $1,000 if I wanted all future
maintenance paid.  And when I visited, there wasn't a tombstone!!

I haven't gone to the Library of Congress which I can do if I want to go
into Washington DC.  I know that I can look at a number of NY newspapers,
plus complete runs of Brooklyn directories.  I was hoping to avoid that
trip since I will not be able to do it for several weeks.

The NY Times archives is a good lead.  I will try that tonight or tomorrow.

I ordered the death certificate from the Muncipal Archives, so I don't know
where it would be in a sequence of death certificates; however, that is
another good idea if everything else fails.

Once again, thanks to all.  I hope to see many of you at NGS in Salt Lake

Yours aye,

Bob McLare

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