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Stephen Danko stephen at stephendanko.com
Sat Jan 2 14:42:59 MST 2010

A year ago, I completed the requirements for a Professional Learning
Certificate in Genealogical Studies through the National Institute for
Genealogical Studies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The National Institute
offers its distance learning programs in genealogy in affiliation with
Continuing Education, University of St. Michael's College in the University of

Students can specialize in any of a number of geographic areas including
American Records, Canadian Records, English Records, German Records,
Irish Records, or Scottish Records.  Students can also specialize in General
Methodology or Librarianship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programs I completed (American Records,
Canadian Records, and General Methodology), and I'm currently enrolled in
the German Records program.  I have not yet taken any of the courses in
English Records, but the list of courses in English Records is certainly

Upon successful completion of the program, the National Institute awards
the postnomial PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical
Studies. You can learn more about the National Institute for Genealogical
Studies at http://www.genealogicalstudies.com/ .

Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS


Recent discussion on educational opportunities in Family History research
led me to research what is available for my specific focus of English research.
...Thanks in advance if anyone has pursued this or other English based
education opportunities.

Millenealogy Family History Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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