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Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Tue Feb 23 00:03:28 MST 2010

The comments regarding submission of work products after a block of 10 hours or so interest me.  I assumed that my hesitancy to do that was some failing of mine in efficiency, etc.

During that early period, I also am searching for patterns of settlement and movement, family relationships, puzzles, consistencies, and inconsistencies, and developing a first-stage work product is premature for me if the project is of any complexity at all.  

It's almost like I'm filling out a clay model.  There is a texture to it eventually, but not at first.

I update my client about my process and direction, and the client does get a sense of a work that is definitely in progress.

Recently, I did have an exception.  The client was interested in a particular lineage society (Sons of the Republic of Texas), and I did rule out eligibility for that within a short time.  Eventually, I did recognize SAR eligibility, and I sent that information and generational proofs to him.  The project was for the client's father, who is advanced in age and quite ill.  Although I couldn't find SRT lineage, I did find basis for a supplement he could file to his NSSAR membership.  Later I updated my client on two CSA veterans in his direct line, which surprised his father.  Then I continued on with the wider scope of the project, which went in additional directions and had other objectives.

I am slow (and tentative) in my work and bill by the project rather than by the hour.

I am much newer to client work than most here, although I'm not a stranger to research and systematic documentation. 

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