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LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Mon Feb 22 12:06:10 MST 2010

Right list this time (a reply to this went to the wrong list)

I agree with your description, it's how I would proceed (and how I think any
experienced researcher would go).

That said, there doesn't have to be a pattern in the research itself (or
often can't be, for the reasons you describe).  But in that case,  periodic
payment can occur when X fee has been reached, or x hours. And agreed upon
with the client that payment is expected periodically as those points are

My point was simply that if the unpaid balance runs too high, it's tempting
fate. A client could honestly set out intending to pay, but lose interest,
or not like where the research is taking the ancestral lines.  Or fall into
different financial circumstances.

For work that is projected to be heading towards an estimate of a
substantial fee, I would even recommend considering requesting a credit
check on the client.

An advance as you describe only makes sense. But would I accept pre-payment
for a fee of that size (another consideration). No, but the dangers in being
paid in full up front for a very complex, expensive project are self-evident
I guess.

Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Historical & Genealogical Research Services"
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
laboswell at roger.com
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