[APG Public List] client who ignores billing

Thehensons at aol.com Thehensons at aol.com
Sun Feb 21 13:02:05 MST 2010

Any thoughts from your experiences with a client who has ignored my  
History:  I received a $100.00 retainer in late October after meeting  with 
a client to do genealogical work.  After using up the retainer, I  called 
the client to see how many hours he would allow.  He said "40 hours"  to me 
over the phone.  
I completed the work,spending 24 hours, plus copies and postage.  In  late 
December I sent him a bill and two large priority packages.  I haven't  
received anything from him. 
Should I call him or write him a letter?   Or, hire a  lawyer!  By the way, 
I have two items that belong to him:  (1) a  family history written in 1943 
and (2) a master's thesis written by a family  member in the 1970's.
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