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Thank you for your response. I do have EE and I'm glad you felt I 
followed it.  (EE was a gift to myself last year. The choice was join 
APG or by EE. Your book won.) ;-)

I will add the data on New York State.

I particularly thank you for answering my original question. I feel 
much better now.


>Carolyne wrote:
>>I am working on my portfolio, slowly, for certification (BG). Is the
>following source adequate? The client is happy with it; but will the
>board be happy?
>>Paul F. Goubeaud Obituary, "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle," 7 Dec 1935, page 11.
>Transcribed by Carolyne Gould
>Carolyne, BCG has not produced a citation guide, and the guide recommended
>by BCG (EE) offers options for how newspapers are handled, depending upon
>various circumstances.
>What you have rendered here is more or less the classic version of a
>newspaper citation, a la CMOS, MLA, and most other guides (including EE).
>Beyond this, there are a couple of improvements that could be made, to give
>the citation greater value.
>(1) Except in the case of exceedingly well-known newspapers such as the New
>York Times, Washington Post, etc., the state of the newspaper is usually
>mentioned, in parens, after the name of the town. Presumably, the "Brooklyn"
>above is New York, but there are other Brooklyns.
>(2) Although the column number is not typically called for by CMOS, MLA, et
>al., in genealogy we prefer to include the column number as well as the
>Also, since you asked, I'll also mention a couple of 'niceties' that CMOS-
>and MLA-trained editors would notice:
>- "Obituary" should not be capitalized unless it is part of an actual title,
>in which case the title would be placed in quotation marks. As you use the
>word in this citation, it is not a proper noun; ergo, no capitalization.
>- All the major U.S. style manuals still insist that abbreviations carry
>periods; thus, "7 Dec 1935" is missing its punctuation. (I know, gen
>software programs often ignore this point, but brilliant software engineers
>typically don't have English degrees <g>.)
>- Your statement "Transcribed by Carolyne Gould" isn't necessary if you're
>the one who eyeballed the newspaper and you're the one who's citing the
>source. As a rule, you're not citing your transcription; you're citing what
>you personally used. But if you include it, it should be in the same
>sentence with the obituary to which it refers. Just put a semicolon after
>the actual citation and then add your comment.
>Back to your original question about BCG: No judge would ever flunk a
>portfolio for issues such as these.  But the fact that you asked about the
>citation indicates that you want your work to be the best it can be; so this
>is today's citation lesson. :)
>Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
>The Evidence Series

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