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Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 20 20:41:16 MST 2010

At 4:17 PM -0600 2/20/10, Harold Henderson wrote:
>.... Three thoughts:
>(1) The paper's name should be in italics, but that's hard to do in email.
>(2) I think you could remove the note that you transcribed it, if 
>you're the author of the report anyway.

In this particular case, I am the person who transcribed the 
obituary. I was thinking in terms of identifying the source of the 
data I had transcribed.

>If you're working in NYC, maybe you can help me out. Where would the 
>obituary likely be published for an ordinary person who died in 
>Queens about the time of your gentleman here?

Thank you, Harold.

I am only working in NYC for one particular client, as a favor. 
Luckily, I am working with some fairly rare surnames. I applaud any 
genealogist who specializes in that state. To answer your question, I 
have had my best luck with the "Brooklyn Daily Eagle." Since I am 
unable to travel to New York State, I have had some good luck with 
the Brookline Public Libabry website which includes some of the early 
years of the BDE online with a searchable function that brings up 
clips of articles. The best online source, however, is 

Don't let the opening page fool you. Click "enter."

The website states they have more than 11,266,000 pages of old New 
York newspapers, including the BDE. They are pdf image files of the 
entire page.

Good luck, and let me know how it works for you.

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