[APG Public List] Source adequate?

Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 20 20:16:18 MST 2010


Thank you for your tips. I was working on the item to be used as 
either a source or a footnote, depending on the situation. The old 
"two birds with one stone" concept.


>Is this the "header" on your transcription or is it a footnote to 
>the transcription?
>If this is a footnote, add the column number if you know it (makes 
>it much easier to locate), and add where you accessed it (a library 
>or historical society archives or whatever). No need to include 
>"transcribed by" in your footnote.
>If this is the header to a transcript, add the column number, where 
>you accessed the resource, and add the date you made the transcript.
>Hope this helps,

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