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 Family stories are great - and they make for  good clues, but -  
So was the fellow really in the army and was he actually at Fort Sully.  So he's on the 1870 NY census (wish you had given his name) - after being in the service 1866-1869? Does he show as single - you say he married (to who? where?) in 1872.  Do you have him on the 1880 census with family? 
Other than family tale, what evidence or even clue that he fathered Native American children? Howe many children did he have that show up on census records, etc.?

Sioux Indians in the area -
Fort Sully:
Established September 14, 1863. Originally located on the left bank of the Missouri River, about six miles below the present town of Pierre. Established by Brigadier General Alfred Sully, for whom the post was named, during his campaign of 1863 against the Sioux. The post was temporary and served primarily as headquarters for the troops stationed in the vicinity. Abandoned July 25, 1866 because the site was considered to be inconvenient and unhealthy. Fort Sully was then relocated the following day on the left bank of the Missouri River, twenty-eight miles above Pierre and thirty miles below the mouth of the Cheyenne River. The new site was chosen and the post established by Lieutenant Colonel George L. Andrews, 13th U.S. Infantry. Construction on the new post began in August 1866. Abandoned on October 30, 1894, except for a small detachment which remained until November 30, 1894, to close the affairs of the post. The military reservation was transferred to the Interior Department on November 14, 1894.

Read up on the fort - http://mrcc.isws.illinois.edu/FORTS/histories/SD_Fort_Sully_Grice.pdf
Put Fort Sully, Dakota Territory into Google and note what comes up - see if you can locate records.
Fort Sully -- Textual records of this fort, 1863-1894, including registers, reports, and correspondence, are in the National Archives and are described in Records of United States Army, Continental Commands, 1821-1920, under the section entitled Records of Posts, 1820-1940 (Record Group 393.7). 

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     I've been reading these posts with interest. Does anyone have any advice for an amateur with no knowledge in the area of Native-American research, seeking to confirm or disprove the family claim that my grandmother's uncle, stationed at Ft. Sully, Dakota Territory from 1866 to 1869, was the father of Native-American children? If the tale is true, I'd love to locate any descendants. No financial interest, obviously. 

     There's not a lot to go on, but at least it is a narrow time frame. He was back in NYC for the 1870 census, and married there in 1872. 



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