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I think this topic has been most thoroughly chewed over.


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> I wrote:
> >As a professional researcher, my experience in this area has been that of
> Ray's ... most enquirers intent upon proving Native American ancestry
> perceive a financial gain to be derived from it, rarely suspect the
> hundreds
> or thousands of hours it might take to find a connection, and ultimately
> discover that the connection is so far back in time that it does not
> qualify
> them for tribal membership, free college tuition, or casino shares.
> > But, as a personal quest, I, too, would call the effort a passion!
> Larry responded
> >I just find it hard to accept that any astute professional, experienced
> researcher would think that there was any great financial gain to be made
> from doing genealogical research, no matter what the subject.
> Larry, the expectation of financial gain, of which I wrote, was not at all
> an expectation that the *professional genealogist* would reap great
> financial gain. Certainly no "astute professional" I know expects "great
> financial gain to be made from doing genealogical research." To the
> contrary, it has been the client who has expected to reap financial gain
> from the results of the genealogical search.
> Elizabeth
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