[APG Public List] Re: Native American Research

eshown at comcast.net eshown at comcast.net
Sat Feb 20 07:54:16 MST 2010

I wrote:
>As a professional researcher, my experience in this area has been that of
Ray's ... most enquirers intent upon proving Native American ancestry
perceive a financial gain to be derived from it, rarely suspect the hundreds
or thousands of hours it might take to find a connection, and ultimately
discover that the connection is so far back in time that it does not qualify
them for tribal membership, free college tuition, or casino shares.
> But, as a personal quest, I, too, would call the effort a passion!

Larry responded
>I just find it hard to accept that any astute professional, experienced
researcher would think that there was any great financial gain to be made 
from doing genealogical research, no matter what the subject.  

Larry, the expectation of financial gain, of which I wrote, was not at all
an expectation that the *professional genealogist* would reap great
financial gain. Certainly no "astute professional" I know expects "great
financial gain to be made from doing genealogical research." To the
contrary, it has been the client who has expected to reap financial gain
from the results of the genealogical search.


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