[APG Public List] Re: Native American Research

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Sat Feb 20 07:21:05 MST 2010

I just find it hard to accept that any astute professional, experienced 
researcher would think that there was any great financial gain to be made 
from doing genealogical research, no matter what the subject.  Whoever held 
that notion would quickly find it to be a pipe dream!  I'd think if that was 
the motivation they'd quickly move on to something that was more lucrative 
as a career!

In my view, with genealogy it seems that there are a lot of entities and 
individuals making vast amounts of money from this field (paid subscriptions 
for example), but your everyday genealogical researcher providing services 
to clients is not riding on that gravy train!

There are many genealogical investigations that require thousands of hours 
of work.

No one does this kind of research for great financial gain.  So it is 
motivated by passion for genealogy in general, and various subjects in turn. 
But it's how that passion is channelled that maybe defines the dividing line 
between amateur and professional.

: i.e., most enquirers intent
> upon proving Native American ancestry perceive a financial gain to be
> derived from it, rarely suspect the hundreds or thousands of hours it 
> might
> take to find a connection, and ultimately discover that the connection is 
> so
> far back in time that it does not qualify them for tribal membership, free
> college tuition, or casino shares.
> But, as a personal quest, I, too, would call the effort a passion!
> Elizabeth

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