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dispassionate doesn't equate with money grubbing, not sure how that category
would work. Seems the person would be passionate about getting paid at all 
costs.  If I have a passion professionally, it's to get it right.

I'd say you need one more category:

5. experienced, passionate, but able to work dispassionately and objectively
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> It seems to me we might offer potential clients several categories:
> 1. Terribly passionate but inexperienced; willing to put passion aside
> 2. Terribly experienced but impassive; money-grubbing
> 3. Not only experienced but driven by passion for YOUR area
> 4. Inexperienced, blase, and only in it for the money, but quite cheerful
> Valerie
> P.S. PLEASE know that this is tongue-in-cheek. I watched too much Monty
> Python as a child.
> On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 6:24 PM, LBoswell <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:
>> That said, I do have a passion for any kind of research centered on 
>> London.
>> Or military research.  Certain areas of the colonial period.  And I light 
>> up
>> when I pick up a project that takes me to those places/eras.  But that's 
>> a
>> personal thing, not my professional approach.  Once the professional
>> research starts I set the passion aside.  I have to, otherwise it would 
>> trip
>> me up.
>> Left to my own devices I'd be sitting pouring over maps of London, 
>> chasing
>> down obscure references, and so on.  Happy as the proverbial hog in....
>> Passion that you can literally feel.  Wonderful.  But kept in its place.
>> Larry

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