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doesn't it depend on the purpose of the research?  As far as ethical considerations go?  I   see no reason why paid research requested by a client with an ancestral link of that background would be any different because it involved a particular first nation and not some other ancestral background.
but my sense too is that tribal affiliation is as important as region, if not more important.

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> Donna, it totally depends upon the region. Tracing the Puyallup in
> Washington state and the Choctaw in Alabama would be as different as 
> tracing the Frisians and Italians in Europe.
> What geographic area do you
> work? 

     After an exhaustive effort which resulted in revealing - but not proving - that my wife has a small percentage of Miq'maq (commonly known as Micmac) ancestry, I learned that the _tribe_ far more than the region or geographic area was the most crucial factor. Yes, in most regions there are some generalities which would apply to many of the tribes who originally lived in that area. But there are _many_ individuals who settled quite far from those original tribal lands, so those generalities mislead almost as often as they help.
     For that and a number of other reasons, this area of research is really not well suited - or even, perhaps, appropriate - for anyone whose interest springs from the number of requests they've had. A great deal of the genealogy done in the past in this area, and some of it today, is unethical to a far greater degree than most other specialties, and for many tribes, it is a highly controversial issue. I am _not_ suggesting such research is appropriate only for those with tribal ancestry, but I _DO_ believe it is appropriate only for those with a genuine interest in the subject itself, _not_ for those whose primary motivation is financial.
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