[APG Public List] Re: APGPublicList Digest, Vol 4, Issue 10--DAR Application

James Burnett dougb81042 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 18:49:01 MST 2010


I find this interesting.  We just did my wife's application which was
submitted and approved in about 6 weeks and NO markings allowed. What was a
bit frustrating was we got the application program and entered every thing.
Then printed and she met with Regent. She reviewed and agreed with the
writeup.  Then, instead of using my file, she had to retype everything. Go

Donna said:
I am preparing my own DAR papers now, and I've been told to underline the
very proof words in red pencil and to not otherwise mark on the front of the
document.  I don't know why it must be pencil.

Douglas Burnett
Satellite Beach
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