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Sticky-notes WILL leave residue which can eventually affect the paper,
triangular plastic clips (if that is what is referred to) DO bend the paper
and can eventually cause tears, and pencil is better because it does not run
and smear and eat away at paper like ink can.
Of course - these are all long term effects that I am concerned with as an
archivist - for stuff in your personal files etc. it probably is not
important.   For irreplaceable things it is.  You have to make a judgment
call on this like so much else!!!


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Donna McR <donna316 at tx.rr.com> wrote:

>  You could use a small 3M "flag" to mark the place at the margin.  These
> could be removed without causing a mark on the page, if the person is
> preparing lineage proof documents.  You can write on the "flag" if needed.
> You could use a yellow stickie to buy the information to be emphasized,
> drawing an arrow on the yellow stickie to the point of interest.  Of course,
> when the yellow stickie is removed, then the place is no longer marked, but
> at least the reader will see it the first time.
> I am preparing my own DAR papers now, and I've been told to underline the
> very proof words in red pencil and to not otherwise mark on the front of the
> document.  I don't know why it must be pencil.
> Donna
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>  NEVER, NEVER highlight anything on a document.  A highlighted area does
> not photo copy well and is generally unacceptable in applications for
> organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution, which now scans
> such documents.
> So that the client can easily spot an ancestor's name on a record, I put a
> small checkmark in the margin of the document next to the line where the
> name appears.  I usually use red ink so that it really stands out but does
> not obscure the information.
> Janey E. Joyce in San Antonio, Texas
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