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Donna said...
I'd like advice on putting 
together research findings for presentation to the client.
I have written analysis plus supporting documents, 
a few computer-generated reports, family tree graphics, and a CD of document 
images.  Any suggestions about what binder or folder to use?
Thank you so much for your 


Hi Donna, 

This subject was brought up a few weeks ago and there was some discussion about the idea of what a final product to a client should look like. I would love to hear more people chime in this time with some advice and ideas. 

As far as I am concerned, I completely agree with your assessment of what to include. I too have a written summary, copies of the original documents, some reports, the tree, and the CD with the electronic copy.

On the subject of the folder to put it all into... I found some nice presentation folders on clearance at Office Max. I believe that you can get the client something that they will really enjoy and be able to keep forever if they want without breaking the bank. Those presentation folders I bought were only $5.00 and they are black so you don't have to worry about getting a color everyone will like. With those folders, I've received thank you's from the clients for putting it all together "professionally."

In a presentation folder, the documents are slipped safely inside page protectors. If the client replaces the folder, who cares? It was cheap. I do have an additional question to put out there. On copies of census reports, does everyone highlight the client's ancestors or do you leave it untouched? I can see the argument for both. I love seeing the census as it is without the highlights but the client has to spend extra time looking for their ancestor. 

I've put myself out there for criticism, so take it easy people. :)

Todd White 


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