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Stewart wrote:
>Any source citation should state clearly and certainly intelligibly, what
you have found and where you found it. 
>Remember, the world will not fall apart if you have to invent the structure
to a source citation.
Stewart, I totally agree with both your statements. However, in the interest
of adhering to as many basic principles as possible, as opposed to
reinventing a wheel that might be wobbly, I would suggest a different
emphasis from the one you present below:
> In this case:
>"Transcription of birth announcement, Coyote Daily News (Coyote, Ford
County, Texas), 12 March 1879, www.bestnewspaperarchive.com"

The structure of the above citation implies that the transcription itself is
in the _Coyote Daily News_. Given that Jo has not used the _Coyote Daily
News_ and has not verified that the birth announcement does appear in that
paper on that date, EE recommends that she cite what she actually used. That
is, the transcript by So-and-So, at the Website entitled _Thus and Such_ ,
together with the URL to relocate the transcript. Then, after her citation
to the website is complete, she would add the "source of her source"
notation, saying that the Website cites Coyote Daily News, Coyote Texas, 12
March 1879, p. __, col. ___.
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
The Evidence Series
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