[APG Public List] how to cite a transcription of a birth announcement from a newspaper

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Tue Feb 16 20:56:10 MST 2010

> Commas, semi-colons and parenthesis are all the little details to which we
should all try to adhere as consistently as possible, but the ultimate goal
is to tell the reader where one obtained the information. 
Agreed, insofar as punctuation-though I would add a point: We also need to
ensure that the order of the elements we cite are thoughtfully placed so
that it is clear exactly what we used and exactly what details modify what
bigger element. 
Without attention to those points, clarity suffers and readers (as well as
ourselves at a later point after the citation has gone cold) will
misinterpret the details and have difficulty relocating the exact material
or otherwise jump to the wrong conclusion as to whether the citation refers
to the original or to someone's derivative. 
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