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Jo wrote:
>I am trying to figure out how to cite the following source.  An online
transcription/abstraction of a birth announcement from a newspaper.  I have
ESM book EE but I don't find what I need.  I am new to this mail list and
hope someone can help me.  The online source does provide me with the
information about which newspaper the abstraction came from and where I can
get an actual copy of the entry.  
Jo, EE 14.22 "Newspaper Articles" (p. 809) has a citation model for
"Newspapers (Online Transcripts)." While the example uses an editorial
letter rather than a birth announcement, that difference is immaterial. The
content and structure of the citation remains the same, including the
notation as to the source of your source.
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
The Evidence Series
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