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I have a client whose stepmother revealed on her deathbed that his father
(who passed away in the 1960s) was adopted. His father was born in 1933 in
Pittsburgh. The client does not have his father's birth certificate. I've
encouraged him to order it even though if his father really was adopted, a
new document with the adoptive parents names would have been issued.

I called the agency mentioned in the Vital Records Handbook and left a
message to see what, if any, chance there is that I or my client can verify
if an adoption even took place at all. The agency seems to primarily deal
with placing kids more than focusing on past adoptions, however. From what
I've read about PA state laws, it doesn't look like information is made
available to anyone but the adoptee and the adoptive parents..

I'm wondering if anyone on the list has had experience with Pennsylvania
adoptions, especially when all parties (the adoptee, birth parents and
adoptive parents) have since passed away. Depending on the likelihood of
accessing information and the wishes of my client, this could result in a


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