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Dear Elizabeth and David,

Thank you very much for your replies. I feel quite relieved!


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>  Valerie wrote:
> >Oh dear, this is so discouraging. Does one really have to be so
> accomplished in order to earn one's CG? I was hoping to qualify but this
> makes me tremble in my boots!
> Valerie,
> Suppose we look at this from a different light. The bios below are just
> that: *bios.* If you have the BCG application guide at hand, do re-read
> the items on which you’ll be tested. There is no module that tests for “vice
> president of this” or “board member of that.” There are no extra points for
> serving as Chair of Whatever.  There is no qualification that you must
> take “this” or “that” course. Certification is based entirely on the quality
> of the work you submit. Many applicants acquire their skills and knowledge
> through independent study and hands-on practice. Some participate in the
> NGSQ and ProGen study groups of the Transitional Genealogists Forum, where
> they can learn from each other.
> When you submit your portfolio, all that matters is whether your work meets
> the standards laid out in the Genealogical Standards Manual.
> Elizabeth
> Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
> BCG Trustee (and once-upon-a-time prez)
> On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 3:50 PM, Debra Mieszala <debfamhist at sbcglobal.net>
> wrote:
> The Board for Certification of Genealogists is pleased to award CG
> designation to the following individuals:
> Helen A. Shaw, CG(SM), of Rockport, Maine.
>        Shaw owns the company Yesterday’s Research. She earned a BA from
> Ohio State University and an MA from the University of Michigan. Shaw is
> vice president of the Maine Genealogical Society, vice president, secretary,
> and newsletter editor for the Old Broad Bay Family History Association, and
> regent, Lady Knox Chapter, NSDAR. She completed the NGS home study course.
> Her numerous genealogical publications include the book _The Family and
> Descendants of George Hall and Elizabeth Knight_ (1993). She has lectured
> and taught at local, state, regional, and national conferences, and the
> Newberry Library and National Archives – Great Lakes Region.
> Melanie D. Holtz, CG(SM), of Benson, North Carolina.
>        Holtz works for the State of North Carolina’s Utilities Commission,
> and operates the genealogical research business Holtz Research Services. She
> earned an associate’s degree from Central Pennsylvania College. She is an
> APG board member, vice president, program director, and former secretary for
> the NCAPG, a graduate of ProGen1, and member of the NGSQ study group. Holtz
> serves on the APG Publications Advisory Committee, and compiles the “Chapter
> Spotlight” for the _APGQ_. She served on the local events committee for
> NGS-Raleigh. Holtz published “Octopus and Wild Fennel” in _Comunes of Italy_
> magazine. She manages an abstraction project to abstract civil record
> indexes for Isnello and Polizzi Generosa, Italy. The project can be seen at:
> <http://www.polizzigenerosaisnellogenealogy.blogspot.com/>.
> Melinde Lutz Sanborn, CG(SM), of Derry, New Hampshire.
>        Sanborn is a professional genealogist. She earned a degree and
> certificate in cultural anthropology and archival management. Sanborn was
> elected a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists in 1993. She is a
> co-editor of the _National Genealogical Society Quarterly_, editor of the
> _New Hampshire Genealogical Record_, past-editor of the _Oregon Genealogical
> Quarterly_, vice president of the Massachusetts Genealogical Council, vice
> president, American Society of Genealogists, and past president of the New
> Hampshire Society of Genealogists. She was the 2005 and 2009 co-chair for
> the New England Regional Genealogical Conference. Sanborn is the Program
> Director, Boston University, Center for Professional Education, Genealogical
> Research Certificate Program, and an instructor for the Forensic Research
> module. She is a contributor to the Doenetwork.org. Sanborn attended the
> National Institute on Genealogical Research.
> David Ouimette, CG(SM), of Highland, Utah.
>        Ouimette is Manager of Content Strategy at FamilySearch. He
> previously worked in software development and product management at
> Ancestry.com. Ouimette earned a BS and MS in Mathematics from Brigham Young
> University. He is vice president of the Utah Genealogical Association and is
> responsible for publishing their quarterly, _Crossroads_. Ouimette has
> attended the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, the Salt Lake
> Institute of Genealogy, the BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy,
> and national conferences. He presents lectures on research and records in
> Ireland, Quebec, and New England. Ouimette has written articles for
> _Ancestry_, _APG Quarterly_, _Crossroads_, _SEPTS_, and _BYU Family
> Historian_. He authored _Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide_
> (Provo: Ancestry, 2005).
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