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 I am enrolled in the NGS homestudy course, I don't have some of those titles in my background and I am limping along trying to get through it. It is not a requirement to be a VP or anything, just complete the assignments, and obtain a grade. As a doctoral student I do struggle with the genealogy citations, lol. I stay confused, so I am setting aside my certification studies to finish the dissertation. My brain can't do both at the same time, it is overload. I will say that it has been a  wonderful study course. The assignments I have completed have really helped with my teaching and research activities.


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Valerie wrote:
>Ohdear, this is so discouraging. Does one really have to be so accomplished inorder to earn one's CG? I was hoping to qualify but this makes me tremble in myboots!

Suppose we look at this from adifferent light. The bios below are just that: bios. If you have the BCG application guide at hand, do re-read theitems on which you’ll be tested. There is no module that tests for “vicepresident of this” or “board member of that.” There are no extra points forserving as Chair of Whatever.  There isno qualification that you must take “this” or “that” course. Certification isbased entirely on the quality of the work you submit. Many applicants acquiretheir skills and knowledge through independent study and hands-on practice. Someparticipate in the NGSQ and ProGen study groups of the TransitionalGenealogists Forum, where they can learn from each other. 
When you submit your portfolio, allthat matters is whether your work meets the standards laid out in theGenealogical Standards Manual.


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
BCG Trustee (and once-upon-a-time prez)

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The Board for Certification ofGenealogists is pleased to award CG designation to the following individuals:

Helen A. Shaw, CG(SM), of Rockport, Maine.
       Shaw owns the company Yesterday’s Research. Sheearned a BA from Ohio State University and an MA from the University ofMichigan. Shaw is vice president of the Maine Genealogical Society, vicepresident, secretary, and newsletter editor for the Old Broad Bay FamilyHistory Association, and regent, Lady Knox Chapter, NSDAR. She completed theNGS home study course. Her numerous genealogical publications include the book_The Family and Descendants of George Hall and Elizabeth Knight_ (1993). Shehas lectured and taught at local, state, regional, and national conferences,and the Newberry Library and National Archives – Great Lakes Region.

Melanie D. Holtz, CG(SM), of Benson, North Carolina.
       Holtz works for the State of North Carolina’sUtilities Commission, and operates the genealogical research business HoltzResearch Services. She earned an associate’s degree from Central PennsylvaniaCollege. She is an APG board member, vice president, program director, andformer secretary for the NCAPG, a graduate of ProGen1, and member of the NGSQstudy group. Holtz serves on the APG Publications Advisory Committee, andcompiles the “Chapter Spotlight” for the _APGQ_. She served on the local eventscommittee for NGS-Raleigh. Holtz published “Octopus and Wild Fennel” in_Comunes of Italy_ magazine. She manages an abstraction project to abstractcivil record indexes for Isnello and Polizzi Generosa, Italy. The project canbe seen at: <http://www.polizzigenerosaisnellogenealogy.blogspot.com/>.

Melinde Lutz Sanborn, CG(SM), of Derry, New Hampshire.
       Sanborn is a professional genealogist. She earned adegree and certificate in cultural anthropology and archival management.Sanborn was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists in 1993.She is a co-editor of the _National Genealogical Society Quarterly_, editor ofthe _New Hampshire Genealogical Record_, past-editor of the _OregonGenealogical Quarterly_, vice president of the Massachusetts GenealogicalCouncil, vice president, American Society of Genealogists, and past presidentof the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists. She was the 2005 and 2009co-chair for the New England Regional Genealogical Conference. Sanborn is theProgram Director, Boston University, Center for Professional Education,Genealogical Research Certificate Program, and an instructor for the ForensicResearch module. She is a contributor to the Doenetwork.org. Sanborn attendedthe National Institute on Genealogical Research.

David Ouimette, CG(SM), of Highland, Utah.
       Ouimette is Manager of Content Strategy atFamilySearch. He previously worked in software development and productmanagement at Ancestry.com. Ouimette earned a BS and MS in Mathematics fromBrigham Young University. He is vice president of the Utah GenealogicalAssociation and is responsible for publishing their quarterly, _Crossroads_.Ouimette has attended the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, theSalt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the BYU Conference on Family History andGenealogy, and national conferences. He presents lectures on research andrecords in Ireland, Quebec, and New England. Ouimette has written articles for_Ancestry_, _APG Quarterly_, _Crossroads_, _SEPTS_, and _BYU Family Historian_.He authored _Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide_ (Provo:Ancestry, 2005).


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