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Always read the whole thing. There is a chance that the $600 is a partial
payment and that what you've got is actually a mortgage in which case the
buyer is the signer.
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> > I need to confirm the legal meaning here:
> >
> > State of Georgia, County of Wilkes. Indenture dated 12 October1871
> between
> > Branson Thomas of Heard County, of the first part, and Samuel Smith of
> the
> > State of Alabama, County of Randolph, of the second part, for and in
> > consideration of the sum of $600: 95 acres, the east side of lot #189 in
> the
> > 12th District of originally Carroll now Heard County.
> >
> > Please tell me which is the seller of this land----the party of the first
> > part (Branson Thomas) or the party of the second part (Samuel Smith)?
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Michael John Neill
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