[APG Public List] Land Indenture Language

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Tue Feb 9 07:41:07 MST 2010

Typically the party of the first part; however, you need to read the 
whole deed to determine what is happening. As Michael notes, in a fee 
simple deed, the seller (grantor) signs the deed. The deed index also 
provides clues. Who is listed as the grantor in the index?

One of the most useful tools in studying land transactions is a title 
examiner's handbook for the state of interest. These can usually be 
purchased second-hand at a very reasonable price.

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On 2/9/2010 1:27 AM, Donna McR wrote:
> I need to confirm the legal meaning here:
> State of Georgia, County of Wilkes. Indenture dated 12 October1871 
> between Branson Thomas of Heard County, of the first part, and Samuel 
> Smith of the State of Alabama, County of Randolph, of the second part, 
> for and in consideration of the sum of $600: 95 acres, the east side 
> of lot #189 in the 12th District of originally Carroll now Heard County.
> Please tell me which is the seller of this land----the party of the 
> first part (Branson Thomas) or the party of the second part (Samuel 
> Smith)?
> Help appreciated-----
> Donna

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