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Mon Feb 8 20:09:40 MST 2010

Thank you so much, Barbara, for your comments on what it all means to 
the age of the witness,  for looking up the entry, and for your 
clarification. Really, really helpful (as usual!).

Barbara Vines Little, CG wrote:
> I have a reprint of the book in question (Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 
> 2003) the marriage is listed on p. 57. It is a synopsis of both the 
> marriage bond and the minister's return. Sureties are listed and the 
> minister's name is given. Since a guardian's name is mentioned a 
> permission slip  (for the marriage of an underage bride) was probably 
> part of the record and this is what her sister witnessed. Legal age 
> for marriage without consent was 21 for both bride and groom.
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> On 2/8/2010 6:08 PM, CL Swope (alfonsa) wrote:
>> Kathy,
>> The source for this is "Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia, 
>> 1733-1815" , by Kathleen Booth Williams, found in limited preview, 
>> Google Books. Unfortunately, the pages before the entry are not 
>> included in the preview, so what is being referred to for the 
>> following is not entirely clear. It reads: “27 May 1806. Neil McCoull 
>> and Julia Logan. James Carter is Julia’s guardian. Sur. William 
>> Miller. Wit. M. Hunnicutt and Harriot Logan. Married 1 June by Rev. 
>> Charles Hopkins. p. 93”.
>> Limited preview so the Book is not shown, but he page it is found on is.
>> 7663. Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia, 1733-1815 , By 
>> Kathleen Booth Williams, Marriage Record Neil McCoull and Julia Logan 
>> (Goochland book unaccesible but page number noted 93) , originally 
>> published Alexandria, Virginin 1960. Reprinted Baltimore: 
>> Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979, 1986, (Limited preview, Google 
>> Books, accessed Feb 2010) , page 57.
>> Kathy Gunter Sullivan wrote:
>>> Did the marriage take place before a Justice of the Peace or a 
>>> minister?
>>> If a minister, what was the religious affiliation?
>>> I don't think the sister had to be age twenty-one under civil law 
>>> (or canonical law) to witness an 1806 marriage (and maybe not today 
>>> either), but I'd have to dig through some files to produce 
>>> authoritative sources for my off-the-cuff opinion.
>>> Kathy
>>> Kathy Gunter Sullivan
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>>> Charlotte, North Carolina
>>> CL Swope (alfonsa) wrote:
>>>> My ancestress served as witness for her sister's marriage June 1 
>>>> 1806 in Goochland. What does it tell me of her age? Am I wrong to 
>>>> think that this might mean she was 21 by that date?
>>>> TIA
>>>> Cynthia

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