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Thought everyone might be interested in this - please feel free to forward 
to any other contacts or mailing lists that might be interested.  In 
interest of full disclosure, I must state that I am the instructor for the 
African-American Genealogy course beginning Feb 15.  If anyone might be 
interested in taking the course, I look forward to meeting you.

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Subject: Intensive Short Term Courses

> NEWS RELEASE: GenClass instructors merge 24 courses with the 150 existing 
> courses at National Institute for Genealogical Studies!
> GREAT NEWS! Lots of new topics & new courses available through the 
> National Institute... As of February, you will see a new 'type' of course 
> offered at the Institute --- INTENSIVE SHORT TERM courses.
> * Intensive --- packed with lots of very helpful information, research 
> techniques & tips;
> * Short Term --- most will be four (4) weeks in length;
> * Instructors --- experts in their field of genealogical research;
> * Live Meetings (optional) ---  four (4) optional 'real-time' online 
> meetings with your Instructor and fellow coursemates;
> * Direct Communication --- consult directly with your instructor via 
> e-mail;
> * Feedback --- discuss specific topics through various online or offline 
> threads;
> * Assignments (optional) --- although there may be some personal 
> assignments to enhance a technique, submitting them is completely 
> optional;
> * Exam (none) --- no final exam to be completed;
> * Inexpensive --- under $50;
> * One-on-One Advice --- Book an appointment with your instructor to 
> discuss in-depth individual research problems (additional fee).
> (The above may vary by course; check the course description for details.)
> Below is a list of the new courses, the instructor and their first 
> anticipated start month. Check online for a full description of the 
> course, actual dates courses are offered throughout the year and to 
> complete your registration. (Go to www.genealogicalstudies.com, click on 
> menu item COURSES, click on COURSES again, click on INTENSIVE SHORT TERM 
> view, click on name of course).
> START DATE: February 15
> Research: African-American Ancestors; Michael Hait
> START DATE: March 1
> Investigation: Adoption Records; Linda Rakita
> Investigation: Lost Friends and Family; Linda Rakita
> Research: English Ancestors-The Basics; Sheena Tait
> START DATE: April 5
> Brick Wall Research; Lisa Alzo
> Research: Australian and New Zealand Ancestors; Kerry Farmer
> Research: Female Ancestors; Lisa Alzo
> Research: Native American Ancestors; Barbara Benge
> Research: Jewish Genealogy on the Internet; Micha Reisel
> Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Family Story
> START DATE: June 7
> Research: Canadian Genealogy on the Internet-Part 1; Pat Ryan
> START DATE: July 5
> Research: Canadian Genealogy on the Internet-Part 2; Pat Ryan
> Research: Salt Lake City, The Largest Genealogical Library-Part 1; Pat 
> Ryan
> START DATE: August 2
> Research: Canadian Genealogy on the Internet-Part 3; Pat Ryan
> Research: Jewish Ancestors-Basic Introduction; Schelly Talalay Dardashti
> Research: Salt Lake City, The Largest Genealogical Library-Part 2; Pat 
> Ryan
> START DATE: Not Set Yet
> Electronic Resources-Family Tree Maker 2009-The Basics; Cindy Rowzee
> Electronic Resources-Family Tree Maker 2009-Advanced; Cindy Rowzee
> Jump Start your Genealogy; Lisa Alzo
> Organizing Your Family History; Cindy Rowzee
> Research: European Ancestors-Part 1; Lisa Alzo
> Research: European Ancestors-Part 2; Lisa Alzo
> Research: United States-Great Lakes States; Lisa Alzo
> Research: United States-Northeastern US; Cindy Rowzee
> GenClass was formed in 2007 by a group of instructors who formerly taught 
> courses for MyFamily.com. They quickly earned the reputation of offering 
> affordable intensive courses with lots of valuable information covering a 
> variety of general and specialized topics. Students enjoyed the Instructor 
> involvement throughout the process. Ten instructors, with a total of 24 
> courses, have recently moved their courses to the Institute's training 
> platform.
> The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, in affiliation with the 
> Continuing Education unit of the University of St. Michael's College in 
> the University of Toronto, offer Certificate Programs in Genealogical 
> Studies in the records of Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, United States 
> and a Librarianship Program. The Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary 
> of Genealogical Education during 2009.
> Louise St Denis, Managing Director
> The National Institute for Genealogical Studies

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