[APG Public List] circa 1806 Tennessee "the New Purchase"

Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Wed Dec 22 13:02:38 MST 2010

Oh--I should add that the fellow owing the bail bond was named Thomas 
Selby/Silby from Burke County, North Carolina.


Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG wrote:
> Dee, Jeanette, Caroline, Aaron, Rick --
> Thank you for all the great suggestions. One of the purchases from the 
> Indians is probably the answer. I'm continuing to look at all the 
> possibilities y'all suggested (a bit hampered because my Internet 
> chronically flickers off and on).
> It's an interesting situation the Deponant was tracking a fellow who 
> ran out on a large North Carolina bail bond. The search went into 
> Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and more than once into Tennessee. 
> The absconder was not found.
> Many thanks to all. And holiday blessings.
> Kathy
> Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG wrote:
>> An affidavit states "since the last March Term [1806] Deponant was in 
>> the State of Tennessee in that part called The New Purchase ..."
>> Tennessee experts, help me out, please, by telling me where this 1806 
>> location was?? So far, Googling brings up lots of irrelevancies.
>> Kathy

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