[APG Public List] Anyone bought a "Direct Text" PDF from SUNYPress?

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Does that mean you can't print out the downloaded file?

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Yes, Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management can set expiration dates and other 
controls on PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other documents.  In fact, when 
using Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, the rights a user has to a 
document can even be changed after the document is distributed!  
Third party applications can also be used to set PDF documents to expire.
Best regards,
Stephen J. Danko

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When you purchase individual articles from sites like JSTOR, it also states 
something like “30 day access.” But if you download the PDF, you have 
unlimited access to your remote copy.
Can PDF files “expire”? I have not experienced this, but I wouldn’t put 
anything past modern technology.

Michael Hait
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Hi Debbie,
I have not purchased a Direct Text Edition from SUNY Press, but the website 
180 day E-Access.
Online (open,print) OR Download (open,print)
PDF Acrobat Reader Required.

It sounds like the 180 days electronic access applies to both online and 
downloaded copies.
Best regards,
Stephen J. Danko

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Subject: [APG Public List] Anyone bought a "Direct Text" PDF from SUNY 

Has anyone on the list ever purchased a "Direct Text" PDF from SUNY Press 
such as the one listed here for Lisi Krall's new book /Proving Up: 
Domesticating Land in U.S. History/:


The "Direct Text" link on the page indicates you get online access for 180 
days. The site states a PDF can be downloaded during that time and that you 
can print the PDF. It doesn't specifically state whether access to the 
downloaded PDF file is limited to 180 days or if the limit only applies to the 
online access. Before paying to download the PDF I want to learn whether the 
file can still be read after 180 days has passed or if I must print it to be 
able to read it later.

I thought I'd ask if anyone has experience with this service before 
contacting the publisher directly to ask them.

I blogged about this book after reading the review on History Net at:


The books sounds very interesting and seems to be another example of family 
history intersecting with "big picture" history.

-- Regards, Debbie

Debbie Parker Wayne, CG^(sm)
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