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Maybe she borrowed some money from her cousin and used the property as

Lisa Gorrell

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> I do not know how to interpret some quitclaims. One, in particular, shows
> Lizzie Armstrong Jones, age 57, quitclaims her homestead in Cloverdale, CA
> to her cousin, Emma Flaugher, age 47, in June 1907. In December of that
> same year, Emma sells the same homestead back to Lizzie.
> Emma is shown as a member of Lizzie’s household in Cloverdale in 1910 and
> in 1920 census records.
> Lizzie also sells three lots in Guerneville to Emma in December 1907. Emma
> sells these back to Lizzie in three separate deals in subsequent years.
> Lizzie died in 1924.
> These may well be two separate questions, but why would Lizzie quitclaim
> her home to her cousin for a period of six months?
> Carmen Finley
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