[APG Public List] Qutclaim puzzler

finleyc at sonoma.edu finleyc at sonoma.edu
Thu Dec 9 17:48:11 MST 2010

I do not know how to interpret some quitclaims. One, in particular, shows
Lizzie Armstrong Jones, age 57, quitclaims her homestead in Cloverdale, CA
to her cousin, Emma Flaugher, age 47, in June 1907. In December of that
same year, Emma sells the same homestead back to Lizzie.

Emma is shown as a member of Lizzie’s household in Cloverdale in 1910 and
in 1920 census records.

Lizzie also sells three lots in Guerneville to Emma in December 1907. Emma
sells these back to Lizzie in three separate deals in subsequent years.
Lizzie died in 1924.

These may well be two separate questions, but why would Lizzie quitclaim
her home to her cousin for a period of six months?

Carmen Finley

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