[APG Public List] Geni, "breaking family news, " and a test of your skill as a genealogist

Myra Vanderpool Gormley myravg at wamail.net
Thu Dec 2 17:12:43 MST 2010

Elizabeth -- I'm still trying to "chart" the relationships, but thanks for a
great laugh today.

While most of us on this list (I assume) are trying  to do scholarly
genealogical work, to our family and friends, a family tree is just a
'hobby" -- an amusement. They haven't a clue to how difficult and
time-consuming it can be to do one. But while we're laughing at some of the
relationships the modern-day Internet "name collectors" are putting in their
trees, I'm still trying to untangle and do damage control about an old
published genealogy -- that has a man who is the purported ancestor of many
descendants even though he died in 1757 without any heirs.

I've decided to "lighten up"  -- and do the best I can and not worry about
what others are doing with their trees or their ancestors. If I'm lucky I
won't have to put a bigger lock on my family's skeleton closet. Perhaps I'll
just prune some more branches.

Myra Vanderpool Gormley
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