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Jennifer Shoer koshka1kitty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 14:45:15 MST 2010

One of my husband's first cousins also started a Geni tree. She thoughtfully
sent me a link and invited me to participate as she knew that I had been
researching the family.

What I found on Geni were the names of all of my children, my husband, his
parents, me and so on. These were all publicly available or so it seemed.
After doing a bit of reading on their site, I could only determine that all
of our information was indeed publicly available to whomever visited the

I contacted the cousin and asked her to either change her privacy settings
or to remove our information, neither of which actions has she taken. In
fact, two email requests to her have gone unanswered and I can only assume
she is miffed.

Does anyone have a lot of experience with the Geni website? I joined just
briefly after the cousin requested I participate, but then took myself out
because of the privacy issue and also because of the plethora of family
'updates' I received. We already have a wonderful Shoer family Yahoo group
that serves as our family updater.

Thank you to all for your helpful input on this list. I have been lurking
since I finished the BU Certificate course in the Spring of 2009 and I have
learned so much from reading your messages.


Jennifer Shoer
New Hampshire

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> I?m trying to see humor in this. Maybe you will, too.J
> A genealogically inexperienced relative started a ?Geni? tree for us last
> year, then accepted a ?merge request? from someone who had a
> same-name/different-person ancestor on a peripheral branch of the tree
> (totally unrelated to Showns)?a merge request that she says she can?t undo,
> created by somebody who apparently has nothing to do but merge trees and add
> celebrity names.
> Since then, every few few days, a ?Shown Family Newsletter? comes into my
> box ?alerting? me to his additions.  Here?s the first gem today:
> ? <
> http://www.geni.com/c/74692b246ae3ee5bf3c6326ff6ddaba269fda988?u=%2Fpeople%2FGene-Daniell-4%2F6000000001171611022>
> [name deleted by esm] added his 16th great grandmother's husband's second
> great aunt's husband's grandmother's husband's niece's husband's 19th great
> grandson's wife's sister [name deleted again] and 4 others,  <
> http://www.geni.com/c/74692b246ae3ee5bf3c6326ff6ddaba269fda988?u=%2Fpeople%2FNN-Tarwid%2F6000000010687671102>
> NN Tarwid,  <
> http://www.geni.com/c/74692b246ae3ee5bf3c6326ff6ddaba269fda988?u=%2Fpeople%2FNN-Kondrodski%2F6000000010687771469>
> NN Kondrodski,  <
> http://www.geni.com/c/74692b246ae3ee5bf3c6326ff6ddaba269fda988?u=%2Fpeople%2FNN-Kondrodski%2F6000000010687928244>
> NN Kondrodski and his 16th great grandmother's husband's second great aunt's
> husband's grandmother's husband's niece's husband's 20th great grandson's
> wife  <
> http://www.geni.com/c/74692b246ae3ee5bf3c6326ff6ddaba269fda988?u=%2Fpeople%2FElise-Ashworth%2F6000000010687961214>
> Elise Ashworth ? le
>  ss to the tree?
> Wow!  Can anybody chart that in 5 minutes or less?
> Elizabeth
> Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
> Tennessee
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