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Thanks.  I misunderstood.  Thanks for the clarification.  Hope you enjoyed the 


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Jeanette --

LOL! No, of course not. I was responding to the question as asked, but should 
have added that specification for clarity.


On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Jeanette Daniels <jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com> 

>Is your research limited to census searches only?  
>Jeanette Daniels
>Heritage Genealogical College
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>Ed or George, as the case may be ;-) --
>Pretty much all my client reports are electronic. I save the Ancestry  census 
>image to my computer, making sure to add the .jpg extension to  the file name. 
>When the time comes to assemble the report, I go through  my footnotes, identify 
>the most pertinent documents and list their  citations in the "Accompanying 
>Documents" section. Then I copy each  citation again and place it at the top of 
>a page beginning at the end of  the report (no reason it couldn't be mixed in 
>with the text, though)  and add a page break. Final step: add the .jpg file as a 
>"picture" to  its page, and resize it as needed so that the next page will not 
>be  blank.
>The goal of this process is to provide a legible and zoomable image, and  to 
>make it convenient for clients or others to keep the citation with  the document 
>and the analysis. I use OpenOffice but as far as I know this is all equally 
>doable in Word.
>Hm -- rereading this, I realize that I took it for granted that I take the 
>census page as a unit, both because it's convenient and because it's better 
>practice to have some neighbors available to eyeball for persons of interest. If 
>there is some imperative reason to reproduce only a small part of the page, I 
>recommend the free and intuitive utility Irfanview for cropping and the like.
>Also, in almost all reports I do transcribe the relevant census entries in the 
>body of the report, so that readers can follow the analysis and commentary 
>without having to squint or zoom themselves. (That comes later, once they've 
>been hooked on original records!)
>I look forward to hearing other comments and suggestions.
>On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 12:28 PM, Ed Withers <gwithers at pdq-research.com> wrote:
>I've tried several ways to get some graphics of the ancestry.com US census
>>records pasted into my reports with mixed results. If I save the image to my
>>computer first, then the image is too small to manipulate and it ends up
>>unreadable. If I copy the image and paste it to a separate page to edit, I'm 
>>able to re-size because the image is too big for the page. I'm wondering what
>>method some of you use to do this. George
>Harold Henderson
>Research and Writing from NW Indiana

Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from NW Indiana

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