[APG Public List] Help with Onodaga County, NY records

Mara Fein genealogysource at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 10:31:55 MDT 2010

Iam looking for a number of birth and death records for Onondaga
County, NY (1884-1957).  It appears that these records are available at
the county level by mail but I haven't been able to determine the wait
time because I am not able to speak with a staff person at the County
Clerk's office.  I understand that there is at least a 5 month wait for
these records at the state level  but if you hand carry the application,
with the payment, and insert it into the drop box at the NYS Archives
reference desk, then those applications take precedence and the wait is
normally only from two to four weeks. 

Does anyone have experience with records for Onondaga County and/or can pick up 
a number of birth and death records?  I am particularly interested in getting 
the 1884 birth certificate as quickly as possible. 

Mara Fein, PhD

mfein at ancestrywest.com 

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