[APG Public List] Camp Wheeler, Macon GA, WW II

Craig Kilby persisto at live.com
Sat Aug 28 16:16:33 MDT 2010


The Northern Neck of Virginia HIstorical Society is holding its fall meeting at the Morattico Waterfront Museum (Lancaster County) on Sept. 11th. The theme is "Swing Out at Morattico" and WW II mannequins with vintage uniforms, big band music and of course lots of food, and libations.

That is not why I am writing here. I got talking with my landlord/housemate whose father served in WW II (Purple Heart, wounded in Germany). So, that got him to digging out old papers and photographs which will be excellent displays at the event.

ONE OF THEM was an apparently uniformly used "certificate of service" issued at CAMP WHEELER.  Where on earth was that, I asked? He had no idea.  So, a quick google search found the answer. It was a basic training camp in Macon, GA.  Then (and only then) did my repositor remember his father talking about being in Georgia at all.  But the best part of all was this ultra-cool video with music, which I happily share with all of you:


Craig Kilby

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