[APG Public List] Help identifying type of hat

JG Russell family at jgrussell.com
Tue Aug 24 23:24:23 MDT 2010

I'm researching a Revolutionary War soldier from what is now West 
Virginia who, according to a witness to his 1781 wedding, wore a 
particular type of hat "such as soldiers wore" at the time. I can't 
for the life of me figure out the word that's used in the document to 
indicate the type of hat. Looking at other words written by the J.P. 
who wrote the document, it sure looks like Mcarnona or Mcarnova (the 
soldier's name was McCune and the Mc looks the same).

I've taken a snippet of the report and put it online:


If anyone can help identify the type of hat being referred to, I'd 
sure appreciate it.

-- Judy

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