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Megan M Isely misely at charter.net
Mon Aug 23 07:02:16 MDT 2010

Exactly; those microfiche catalogs have not been updated for a very long 

The Family History Library catalog at www.familysearch.org proved to be 
uncooperative this morning.  I was able to a search on the catalog 
search at the beta site.  As an example these are the results that came 
up on the beta search for Scotland  Banff  Keith  Church history:


   2. History Scotland - v. 6, no. 4 (July/Aug. 2006)

      author: 	Audubon, John James, 1785-1851, Watt, John, ca. 1690's,
      Hamilton Palace (Birmingham, Warwick, England)
      availability: 	Family History Library

   3. The romance of Banffshire Methodism

      author: 	Swift, Wesley F
      availability: 	Family History Library

   4. History of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Moray

      author: 	Craven, J. B
      availability: 	Family History Library

   5. Banffshire Churches

      author: 	Findlay, Donald
      availability: 	Family History Library

   6. History of the Episcopal Church at Keith, in the Diocese of Moray,
      in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries : with other reminiscences
      of the Dioceses of Moray and Ross

      author: 	Archibald, John
      availability: 	Family History Library

   7. Aul' Kirkers, Free Kirkers and UP's in Marnoch, 1792-1922 : a
      brief history of the Presbyterian churches in Marnoch and their
      role in daily life

      author: 	Peden, Bob
      availability: 	Family History Centers

The library where I work is a Family History Library Affiliate so we can 
order films and fiche from Salt Lake (part of my job).

Megan Isely
La Crosse Public Library, La Crosse, Wisconsin

On 8/23/2010 1:52 AM, Stephen Danko wrote:
> Craig,
> I believe you have copies of the FHL locality catalog on microfiche. 
>  I remember seeing the locality catalog on microfiche on my first 
> visit to the FHL in Salt Lake City many years ago, but not on recent 
> visits.  Now, just about everyone uses the locality catalog online (it 
> is now called "Place Search").
> Sincerely,
> Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS
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> *Subject:* [APG Public List] LDS Microfiche
> All,
> Thank you all for your advice and explanations, but I am still getting 
> nowhere with identifying what these microfiche titles mean. Perhaps if 
> I load one up and look at some of the pages, I can get an idea.
> But here are some random examples
> Line One:    Family History Library, Locality Catolog 22 MAR 88, 0060
> Line Two:    (smaller font): England, York, Sheffield, Genealogy, 
> (very small number) 0230
> Line One:    Family History Library, Locality Catalog 28 MAR 88, 0001
> Line Two:    Vifginia, (small number) 0854
> Here is a series:
> Line One:     Family History Library, Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88,    000
> Line Two:    Scotland - Civil Registration, 0728
> (Leaving out the Family History Library words on line one):
> Line One:     Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0002
> LIne Two:    Scotland - Civil Registration, 0729
> Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0003
> Line Two:    Scotland - Military Records - Army, 0730
> Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0004
> Line Two:    Scotland, Banff, Keith - Church History, 0731
> Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0005
> Line Two:    Scotland, Lanark, Govan - Occupations, 0732
> Line One:    Locality Catalog, 22 MAR 88, 0006
> Line Two:    Scotland - Shetland - Population, 0733
> ========
> The top number seems to refer only to the microfich page with this 
> certain record collection. The 2nd numbers seem to follow 
> consecutively as well, but to what they refer I am cluess.
> I have typed in just the titles on line two but only end uup a very 
> broad result and if it remotely matches, it is never fo microfiche.
> If anyone can explain this code to me, I'll be very grateful. I don't 
> relish the though of reading 500 sheets of microfiche when surely 
> there is a catalog for these SOMEWHERE.
> Craig Kilby
> Lancaster, VA

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