[APG Public List] Genealogical relationships for adoptees

Marilyn genteacher65 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 14:12:28 MDT 2010

The code of ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists requires that 
as professionals we tell the truth.  We cite the facts.  We do the lineage the 
way it is, not the way we would like it to be.  In this case, the “girls” are 
grown adults with children.  In your own family you can call someone grandpa as 
a term of endearment, but not on a genealogical chart.  We have birth parents 
and adoptive parents.  The “family trees” are different.  The “girls” will 
understand this.  The children of the “girls” can be told anything folks in the 
family want to tell them, and they can call the adoptive grandparents anything 
the family wants them to.  However, they also need to know that their 
grandfather was adopted so in tracing their family history, it would not be the 
same as that of his adoptive family.
Marilyn Jean Giese
Genealogy:  A haystack full of needles when you need the threads.

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