[APG Public List] Plausibility of thirteen-year-old female "moulder" in foundry, 1910 U.S. census?

Linda Johnson lindajohnsongenealogy at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 22:44:04 MDT 2010

Can anyone make an educated guess as to the likelihood of a thirteen-year-old female's being employed as a "moulder" in a foundry at the time of the 1910 U.S. census? Neighbors included several other people with that occupation, but they were all male and over the age of twenty-one. The individual following her on the page, the male head of the next household, was also listed as a "moulder" in a foundry, so I'm wondering if some of his information was inadvertently copied onto her line (and repeated on his) if the census enumeration was hand-copied before microfilming.

The child in question, who had just turned thirteen but was listed as twelve years old, was described on the census as working for wages and not having been unemployed. She was also reported as having attended school at some time since 1 September 1909--a statement that doesn't necessarily contradict her reported employment in April 1910.

Any insight would be much appreciated.

Linda Johnson


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