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Another suggestion, if there appears to be a lack of first-hand accounts:

Estate inventories provide a list of the items that everyday people from all 
income levels keep in their homes.  Obviously, in any time period no less 
than today, higher-income families have more "recreational" possessions 
while lower-income families have just the "necessities."  In-depth 
examination of estate inventories in the time period in question can create 
a portrait of exactly what life was like.

Michael Hait
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Subject: [APG Public List] Background on Darien,Georgia: 1736? - 1760 or 
Perhaps A Bit Later

>     This is slightly off topic, but I believe historical accuracy in _any_ 
> setting serves genealogy well. And there is public relations value in 
> demonstrating that genealogical research can be helpful in other spheres.
>     A fellow member of a certain writing site is planning a historical 
> novel set in Darien, Georgia. She has the dates, facts, names, and so on 
> that she needs. She is having trouble finding answers to more basic 
> questions: what did settlers do every day? What was their culture like? 
> They were often fighting: what was it like to be a soldier in that type of 
> battle? She wants to _understand_ their lives, but is "either finding 
> [...] big-picture military facts, or [...] daily life grade school lesson 
> plans that say 'Colonial life was hard.'"
>     She would prefer first hand accounts if possible. I've done what I 
> could, but almost all my research was in New England, and most of the rest 
> was in New York. If anyone knows of published material, online 
> transcripts, or anything else that might be useful, and is willing to 
> help, please send the information to me off list and I'll forward it to 
> her.
>                              Ray Beere Johnson II

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