[APG Public List] Texas Marriage Problem

Alvie L Davidson floridasearch at verizon.net
Wed Aug 11 11:05:43 MDT 2010

Good afternoon folks,

I have run into a problem with finding a marriage record in Texas.  I went
to Ancestry.com and searched for a marriage between

Robert O. Kroll and Martha Naomi Turner.  I found in the Ancestry Index the
date and place of marriage as 9 June 1984 in Dallas County, TX.

Next I sent a written request to the Dallas County Clerk including a money
order in the proper amount with a stamped self addressed


After about 3 weeks I got a response from Dallas County telling me the
marriage did not take place in Dallas County.  

Next I called the clerk and was told the same thing on the telephone.  

Next I called the State of TX Vital Records and was told they do not issue
marriage licenses but they will issue a verification of marriage

If the marriage was in Texas.  They do not have a master state-wide index in

This couple is still very much alive but I do not wish to contact them
personally to tell them I need their marriage record.  

Does anyone have a clue as to how this mixup happened?


Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, FL 



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