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Can somebody tell me if it's too late to register online for PMC and  
FGS conferences? I finally got a room at Holiday Inn!

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On Aug 5, 2010, at 8:59 AM, "Holly Timm" <htimm at comcast.net> wrote:

> Although I have been researching for close to forty years, I have  
> more or less avoided that one Irish line that arrived in the 1820’s. 
>  A time or two at genealogy events I have glanced at books on Irish  
> research and they seemed to be primarily focused on later years than 
>  my time line. Below is a brief summary of the lines arrival and I w 
> ould appreciate any suggestions as to research directions or even a  
> book on Irish research that would actually spend some pages on the e 
> arlier era.  (I do realize that I am hampered by the not knowing the 
>  parish or county of origin.)
> Elijah Carroll born ca 1794 in Ireland is perhaps the Elijah  
> Carroll, age 28 school teacher listed as arriving in New York City  
> from Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the “John Dickinson” on 5  
> April 1821. Certainly my Elijah’s wife Elizabeth --?—and their  
> three oldest children, Caroline, Hester, and John, arrived in Philad 
> elphia on the Tuscarora from Liverpool on 15 November 1823. Elijah A 
>  Carroll died 28 Oct 1851 “a native of Ireland” but his death  
> certificate does not specify anything past Ireland.
> I continue to poke and prod at the usual records on this side of the  
> pond but since most of my family came to America in the 1600’s and m 
> y husband’s came from Prussia in the 1880’s. I am out of my  
> comfort zone here.
> Holly

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