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Although I have been researching for close to forty years, I have more or
less avoided that one Irish line that arrived in the 1820's. A time or two
at genealogy events I have glanced at books on Irish research and they
seemed to be primarily focused on later years than my time line. Below is a
brief summary of the lines arrival and I would appreciate any suggestions as
to research directions or even a book on Irish research that would actually
spend some pages on the earlier era.  (I do realize that I am hampered by
the not knowing the parish or county of origin.)


Elijah Carroll born ca 1794 in Ireland is perhaps the Elijah Carroll, age 28
school teacher listed as arriving in New York City from Belfast, Northern
Ireland, on the "John Dickinson" on 5 April 1821. Certainly my Elijah's wife
Elizabeth --?-and their three oldest children, Caroline, Hester, and John,
arrived in Philadelphia on the Tuscarora from Liverpool on 15 November 1823.
Elijah A Carroll died 28 Oct 1851 "a native of Ireland" but his death
certificate does not specify anything past Ireland. 


I continue to poke and prod at the usual records on this side of the pond
but since most of my family came to America in the 1600's and my husband's
came from Prussia in the 1880's. I am out of my comfort zone here.




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