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Sorry to be confusing.  

Well, Jeanette, there is no need to say sorry - it is confusing. My first  
couple of years of research concentrated on St. Wendel until 1800 - that was 
 quite easy. Only one parish, all catholic, okay, all in Latin but once you 
get  acquainted it's okay. Then I found the so-called civil records dealing 
with all  kind of people not only catholic and it became confusing :-)
On genealogical side we are quite happy with the French and their  
revolution - they brought us a good arranged system of notary files (not only as  
public witness but as negotiator and maker of contracts) and the civil 
records.  The Prussians copied that in 1876 for the rest of Germany but we got in 
1798,  sometimes a little later. 
Lots of data.
Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany
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