[APG Public List] Newborn Given Temporary Name?

helen helen at rockymountains.net
Sun Aug 1 16:08:24 MDT 2010

Family naming stories are fascinating.

My mother was baptized Martha Geneva, the Martha after her maternal 
grandmother, and was known as Martha for a few years.

Mom's divorced mother Bertha (and two children) lived with maternal 
grandmother Martha and they had a big fight that resulted in Mom's name 
being "changed" to Geneva, because Bertha wasn't speaking to her mother 
Martha. Until Bertha died in 1975 my mom was known as Geneva or Gen. At 
70 years of age, Mom insisted everyone call her Martha and said she'd 
always hated her middle name, cringing when she was called Geneva or 
Gen. She said it was a struggle but finally she became known as Martha 
for the remaining 22 years of her life.

Helen B

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