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Fri Apr 30 13:02:19 MDT 2010

Valerie --

I *think* you're referring to BCG requirement #5, Research Report Prepared for 
a Client. If so, the answer to your question should be on pages 6-7 of the BCG 
Application Guide, which deals with the possibility that your client might 
insist on something less than standard citations.

The answer is given even more succinctly on line in the judges' rubrics for 
evaluating portfolios at


page 5, item CR3, "adequacy of source citations."

These places all refer back to the BCG standards manual, which has been under 
discussion item by item on the Transitional Genealogists list lately.

Having said all this, if you're on the clock already, the best guidance of all 
is available on the BCG ACTION list. Good luck!


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana
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