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Many thanks to all of you for the time you took to share ideas and answer my question on society growth. It was both appreciated and enlightening. 


Growth Ideas for Genealogical Societies:


·      Advertise events and meetings in a timely manner and often

·      Member only benefits as- newsletter or periodical, have public access on a society site but also have a members only section, give members access to subscription sites, offer research help as answering queries or actual help, offer volunteer opportunities, offer social and networking opportunities like bus trips etc.; offer discounts for events etc. to members

·      On a society site publicize everything you do, delete items that are out of date-keep it current

·      Have flexible meeting times and rotate meeting places to accommodate working peoples schedules

·      Gather together a nucleus of interested members and brain storm

·      Send a survey to people who have not rejoined for feedback as to why they did not rejoin!

·      Survey old members who are still around as to why they don’t attend meetings/functions?

·      Be sure your society presents a strong Internet face to the old and potential members by offering workshops on how members use the internet in their research, in other words partner in a sense with the web sites to demonstrate their use to “newbies”.

·      Be sure workshops offer something for the inexperienced as well the as the experienced researcher

·      Network with other genealogical groups to promote 1) each others activities and 2) family history research in general

·      Develop all ethnic groups as members to grow a membership. 
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