[APG Public List] Ancestry Search - SomethingEVERY Professional Must Consider

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
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That's a good suggestion, one that I don't use myself, but should. Easy 
enough to set up alternative email addresses, and then at least if you run 
into a situation like the one you describe you aren't going to be as 
vulnerable.  I fell into the trap of convenience, using just one email 
address, so for me the barn door is already wide open.  But for now on I 
think I will use at least one other alternative email address just for that 


Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Historical & Genealogical Research Services"
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
laboswell at rogers.com
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  My advice is to use many different passwords for your web accounts and 
multiple email address, if possible.  This way, if one combination is 
stolen, it limits sites where they can do damage and makes it easier for you 
to fix it.  I would also never check "Remember Me" and always log out before 

  Eileen Souza

  Eldersburg, MD 21784

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